Sexy ‘True Blood’ Spoilers For This New Season

Because we have much love for vampires on this here blog, here’s another set of photos from the sexy, southern-friend HBO series, True Blood. Of course, these include some shirtless photos of Ryan Kwanten A/K/A Jason Stackhouse, the hottie with the bad judgment.

In addition, we’ve got some information about upcoming episodes that you won’t want to read if you’d like to be surprised. But for those of you who just can’t wait, continue reading after the jump!

Gallery Info: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell and Ryan Kwanten from upcoming episodes of HBO’s True Blood.

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly got a hold of
both titles and descriptions for upcoming episodes. The next four are
entitled “Timebomb,” “I Will Rise Up,” “New World in My View” and
“Frenzy.” Tara gets into some strangeness with Maryann, after she and
Eggs enjoy a strange meal and her family and friends try to get her to
leave her mysterious benefactor.

Jason makes retribution to the vampires, gets closer to Sookie in the
process and acts heroic. Meanwhile, Jessica continues wreaking havoc
and hooking up with Hoyt. Sookie does some traveling, gets closer to
Eric and Evan Rachel Wood finally makes an appearance as the Vampire Queen of Louisiana.