Sexy & Shirtless Patrick Schwarzenegger Enjoys A Day At The Beach [PHOTOS]

Patrick Gets A Smoothie
Patrick Schwarzenegger enjoys a healthy beverage.
Well, it seems that Patrick Schwarzenegger is all better from his skiing accident earlier this month. And thank goodness, too, or else what would we have done with no shirtless photos of him? Patrick was spotted in Miami this weekend (seriously, is everyone in Miami this week?) enjoying the beach with some friends. 

I must say, he is looking pretty fine. That Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have some very good genes. Although, I’m not quite sure how I feel about his swim trunks. Are those bugs all over them? Like, I’m pretty sure that’s a lady bug. Umm, interesting choice there, Patrick. 

Launch the gallery to check out all of Patrick’s hot pics. Boy likes being shirtless and we have absoluetly nothing against that. Go ahead Patrick, let the top part free!