Sexy Overload: Shirtless James Marsden Shows Off His Perfectly Built Body In Hawaii

James Marsden On Set
Marsden films 'Bachelorette' In Manhattan
Oh mother of celebrity shirtlessness! Please enjoy shirtless James Marsden.

Did you know that he was hiding this hotness under those suits of his? Because I had no idea. The actor was spotted in Maui this weekend, enjoying a vacation with his family. At least I assume his family was there, because the only person I can focus on is James.

I mean, can you blame me? So, I’m about to give away some X-Men: Days of Future Past spoilers. Launch the gallery if you don’t want to know it. 

OK, are all the people who didn’t see the latest X-Mengone? Good.

Umm, since he comes back at the end, can we please have shirtless James in the next X-Men movie? Pretty pretty please with sugar on top? He and Hugh Jackman can have a “who has a better body” off. And I probably wouldn’t be able to pick, they’re both so sexy.

So launch the gallery and get your fill of shirtless Marsden. This man brings me joy. Shirtless, shirtless joy.