Sexual Fairy Tale Tension: ‘Snow White’ Love Triangle [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Are you so excited for Snow White And The Huntsman to open this Friday?  So are we, which is why it’s important to dissect the love triangle involving Snow White (Kristen Stewart), Prince William (Sam Clafin) and the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth).  Even though Snow White and Prince William felt a spark as young whipper snappers, their separation (brought on once Queen Ravenna ascended the throne) sort of screws with destiny.

This separation brings the huntsman into the mix, making it difficult to bring Snow White and the prince back together.  The huntsman and SW have both suffered the loss of loved ones, which draws them towards one another.

Check out what Stewart and Claflin, who took part in a Q&A session fans at Universal Citywalk  yesterday (May 29th) have to say about this love triangle after the jump. 

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