‘Sex Rehab’ Castmember Questions Dr. Drew’s Credentials

British television producer Duncan Roy explains in a piece for the Huffington Post tells of his frustrations with the portrayal of himself and fellow patients on the VH1 series, Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

Duncan laments “the producers’ predisposition for dumbing down and minimizing important therapeutic work.” As a result of the oversimplified storylines, he writes, “I find myself cast as the bitchy gay guy.”

However, most damning is Roy’s assertion that it was Dr. Drew Pinksy’s bookish good looks that producers were seeking when casting a host, rather than his credentials. According to Duncan, “It was immediately apparent that while Drew may be an astounding drug and alcohol specialist, he knows very little, or anything, about the precise science of sex addiction.”

The TV doctor is accused of being a victim of his own narcisissm (he’s looking pretty smug in these photos on the beach in Maui) and Roy claims, “[Drew] would recycle Jill’s lines when he began to founder–and in the edited broadcasts, we see her thoughts and insights come out of Drew’s mouth.”

Treating vulnerable patients sex addiction while cameras are rolling for the whole world to see–how can that concept possibly be flawed?

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