‘Sex And The City’ Drives Oprah-Maniacs Crazy

Photos: WENN

Here’s the video of the olds from Sex & The City invading the Oprah show yesterday. I watched this, and let me tell you – the ladies in the audience were hopped up on cocktails and fabulosity desperation. You would have thought Sarah Jessica Parker had shown up with the cure for cervical cancer.

Meanwhile, every body in the cast basically came out playing their character. Sarah was the “cute” one (note the quotes), Kristin Davis (not discussing those photos of her bush we all saw recently) was the optimistic romantic, Cynthia Nixon was the tough lesbian and Kim Cattrall was the aging slut dating a teenager. Just like on the show! Was it in the press junket contract or something?

And Chris Noth is lucky he escaped with his nuts because that audience (women and gays included) were ready to bum rush the show and get themselves a sample. Run, Big, run! Yeah, I’m gonna go see it, shut up. I’m a total hypocrite.