‘Sex And The City’: A Marvel Of Airbrushing

April 4th, 2008 // 7 Comments

I won’t lie. I’m excited for the movie. Here’s some new promo pics from the Sex & The City flick coming this spring. I want to know if Big and Carrie marry. Ok, I don’t really care, I just want to see four gay men in drag drink and be catty. Looking at these pictures, I’m hoping Photoshop is thanked in the credits of the movie.

There’s not a wrinkle, bag or dark circle in sight! These women are suddenly immortal, and carved out of the finest marble! It’s not even wax looking, it’s granite looking. They should be adorning a temple in Greece.

An airbrush artist was asked to comment.

“Their faces are all now really perfect when women of their ages would have some wrinkles and facial detail. Kim Cattrall in the latest shot has also had the mole below her lip completely removed. I’d also say they’ve had their teeth made a brighter white too,” says Chris Bickmore, who specializes in this kind of thing. People should have “facial detail” right? Otherwise we’re in science fiction.

Cynthia Nixon is like, I’m a serious lesbian and this shit is so cheesy.

Is it ok to wear blue with yellow like that? Or has Patricia Fields screwed Kristin Davis over worse than that sex tape did?

More Sex and the City promos are after the jump.

(Hint – Right-click on the image thumbnails with your mouse to open them in a new tab or window.)

By J. Harvey

  1. devil

    All the airbrushing in the world won’t make Sarah Jessica Parker look human. She’s ugly as a troll.

    The others look nice, though.

  2. Bleu Velveeta

    Are they made out of marzipan? So smooth…

  3. the teeth in the first one are blinding.

  4. coolpapa

    Of course you like the show, you’re a gay man, and Sex and the City is a show written by gay men, about gay men, with women characters standing in as proxies for gay men, because people won’t watch a show about gay men.

  5. B.SophiaLoren

    WELL… I’m a gay WO-MAN & I LIVE FOR SEX IN THE CITY! (Ok, lesbian whatever. Point is, CoolPapa, SITC is that sh!t. You better recognize.)
    1- I like the blue shoes with the yellow. I think Eva Long-whoria would try to do that with less success. Besides, can’t you wear the primary colors together, and you’ll always match? Or something.
    2- May & this movie are literally not. coming. fast. enough.
    3- If I ever come across the douche who did my Charlotte like that (putting her intimate moments on the net) I will slice him down with my machade.
    4- I LOVE SITC!!! (maybe a little obsessed.)

  6. Frida

    So you’re surprised that they’re airbrushed? Who isn’t these days?

  7. Either way, the photographs are beautiful and no one would care to look if they weren’t!

    Glad I came across your post! I love SATC

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