‘Sex And The City 2′ Tops Saturday Box Office

May 29th, 2010 // 2 Comments

…uh DUH?? Honestly, unless Avatar or Twilight came out the same weekend as SATC 2, I don’t think this powerhouse could possibly be surpassed at the box office. We all know how hardcore these Sex and the City fans are. I’m not going lie, I grabbed cocktails with my girlfriends and headed into a theater on the Upper Westside to watch the movie at midnight. Even Jake Gyllenhaal‘s washboard abs couldn’t deter me from choosing Sex and the City
According to the Saturday Box Office Report, Sex and the City 2 grossed $13 million, followed by Shrek Forever After at $11.3 million (thanks to the high price of 3D tickets), and in third was Prince of Persia grossing a measly $10.3 million. SATC 2 already sucked in $14.2 million on its opening day and should have no problem meeting or surpassing the $57 million that the first movie made on its opening weekend. Personally, I liked the first movie much better. This one had too many punch lines and too little New York City. 
Rounding out the top five were Iron Man 2 with $4 million and Robin Hood grossing $2.8 million. What movie will you see this holiday weekend? 
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Davis & Cynthia Nixon are pictured catching a flight at Heathrow Airport in London. 
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By Andrea Paul

  1. kate

    There were 6 seasons of New York not to mention the last movie!! If you want anymore New York you should move there and if you live there..thats it, you live there;-)

    I loved the film and loved the punch lines as it kept the movie great the whole way through even in its sad moments!

    If they do do a 3rd I think there could/would be more there to explore in terms of Carrie and Aidan though I am happy with how they ended it and think they should leave it where its at!

  2. t-man

    sex and the city 2 was awesome! i got a little choked up when aidan gave samantha syphilis and she went all crazy and stabbed carrie in the mole with that hunting knife! if they do a third, i hope that they pick up on the whole kristen davis enema storyline that they seemed to drop from the first film. oh well, a girl can dream, can’t she? teehee.

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