Sarah Jessica Parker To Star In “Curious George” Sequel

What in the hell is that, Woman With The Yellow Vest? Damn! That would be kicked off ProjRun! Is she doing roadwork? Anyway, has everyone seen the trailer for the “Sex & The City” movie we posted? Granted, Carrie’s sounding annoying. But you know you want it. And you’re going to get more. Reports are saying that producers are already in the process of signing the four stars of “SATC” to a sequel. Despite the movie not even being released yet! The sequel option has been exercised in each gal’s contract, in hopes of a huge franchise. The upcoming film seems to center around Carrie’s marriage to Mr. Big (Chris Noth). But it might not go as well as she hoped. I wouldn’t think so seeming as she looks almost as ridiculous as she does here. Blue peacock feathers in her mop? Quit it, Patricia Fields!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online