You Ladies Better Not Start Wearing That Fug Outfit She’s Got On

September 19th, 2007 // 14 Comments


Women and gay-minded queers swoon. It’s really happening. Here’s the first pics from the set of the “Sex and the City” movie. Yay. Damn, what she got on? Looks like a table-cloth with an emo belt. Patricia Fields has her head up her ass sometimes. You know some career girl is gonna roll up to her office sporting this curtain. Everyone always knew some girl in the office who insisted on wearing whatever Carrie had on the episode before. Big flower on her boob, macrame plant hanger over her shoulders, Mickey Mouse scarf used as a belt. Sarah Jessica got paid to look like she had to get dressed in “Flowers in the Attic”. Jesus, Big’s still got it.


More photos of Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth filming scenes for the “Sex and the City” movie are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. peachpie

    ok. i triiiied to be okay with this outfit. i kept thinking ‘ok. i like the shoes; but not with that dress’. ‘maybe the dress is ok; but only without that hideous coat/smock/robe thing.”i love the color; just not on fabric.’ ‘i love the eiffel tower purse; just not with that outfit.’ but, nothing worked. any way you slice it, it’s unattractive and incredibly unflattering to sjp. but yeah, Big. he’s smokin’ hot. he’s her best accessory.

  2. Char

    Oh my goodness – an Eiffel Tower handbag? Are you joking? Well, I guess it wouldn’t be SATC without Carrie’s crazy-ass outfits. I love some of them, but the crazier ones, like this… and the one where she had a do-rag on her head and a tie-dye outfit… *shudder* But yes. Big is beautiful.

  3. Logan

    What in the world is this woman wearing?

  4. Logan

    Okay, now I know. SHE is the one who swiped my shower curtain. Swiper, no swiping!!!!!!!

  5. MardiGras

    I think the dress would be cool without that sad sleeveless coat thingy. And the eiffel tower purse is silly.

    Big is IT. He’s the one.

  6. someone

    She was always wearing strange clothes in the I quess it the movie!

  7. Jesse D

    Will someone please brush her hair??? That’s bugged me for years!!

  8. Fluffy

    Okay, just stop! If you watched the series, you’d know she always had the latest thing, be it a fabulous handbag, the 5 inch Mahnolos or the silly tube tops. Never mind the CARRIE necklace. Just get over it and realize that it’s all good that what we see if familiar. I want the damn movie to be like the show that I loved. Big is so dreamy and thank God he agreed to come back…Hugs to SJP and the girls… I’ll see you in the theater…

  9. anti

    yes mr. big is dreamy and delicious. cant wait for the movie.

  10. green cardigan

    I hate that when a ‘celeb’ who is a ‘fashion icon’ sticks on a housecoat your Granny would have worn during the 1950′s to scrub the kitchen floor, the said housecoat becomes the new ‘in’ thing and everyone is ooohing and aahing and saying isn’t she so cutting edge.

    The only thing nice about this outfit are the colours.

  11. green cardigan

    is the colours

  12. anti

    everyone should focus on mr. big and how hot he is, forget her crazy clothes, and lets hope that the at the end of the movie they finally get married.

  13. kharris

    It’s a fabulous Carrie outfit! We’ve grown to expect nothing less from our favorite fashion victim. Her outfits were like another charachter on the show and I always loved laughing at them.

  14. Meeko

    People—You are forgetting the most wonderful part. SATC is back!!!! Even if only for two hours in the theater. Great show.

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