Seth Rogen And His ‘Green Hornet’ Car Share A Moment

July 23rd, 2009 // Leave a Comment

Comic-Con is obviously one of the best places to unveil superhero gadgets of any kind. This of course explains the reveal of the Green Hornet’s super baller car by actor Seth Rogen, director Michael Gondry, and producer Neal Moritz.

After Comic-Con closed to the public after preview night last night, the covered car, which attendees had been trying to get a peak at all night, was finally revealed. Seth will be driving the car as the vigilante Green Hornet. He seemed extremely excited about the vehicle, which by the way has got weapons galore, and kept taking pictures with it and admiring it’s Black Beauty. Get it? Cause that’s the name of the car! Haha! I’m so funny.

Although Green Hornet has been on the downlow as far as Superhero films go, it’s definitely going to be an interesting one. Seth Rogen is a comedian, who for a while was known for his weight, which is not something often seen in superhero films. Although, Seth has lost a ton of weight for the role and is looking quite attractive. Never did I think I’d be attracted to Seth Rogen. It must be my weakness for superheroes.

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Gallery Info: Seth Rogen takes some time to post with his brand new car.

By Sabba Rahbar

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