Seriously, Were You Actually Expecting Uplifting Nick Nolte News?

July 18th, 2007 // 7 Comments

When talking about Nick Nolte, probably no news is the best news. I can’t remember the last time I saw something on the TV or Internet about him that didn’t either involve a mugshot, or some really terrifying facial hair. TMZ reports that the actor was recently spotted earlier this week at the Kauai Airport, enjoying some quality nap time on the floor. Oh lord. According to witnesses, Nolte spent nearly two hours Monday evening on the floor of the airport, waiting for his delayed flight, looking like a homeless man.

According to the source, Nolte was still extremely friendly despite his groggy state — chatting with fans and allowing passengers to snap photos, however, he wasn’t entirely functional. “At one point we helped him put a dollar in the vending machine.”

Now, I know he was just waiting for his flight, but seriously, on the floor? That is just gross. I mean, at least stretch yourself out on some chairs or something, dude. And it’s not like he’s exhausted from a full day of personal grooming. Looking as crazy as he does, he’s just asking for raised eyebrows when he decides to rest his weary bones on a public floor. It’s like a scary-looking guy deciding he’d like to rock a trench coat. He might not necessarily be up to no good, but it certainly looks suspicious.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. jackierabbit

    See folks THIS is why you take the sleeping pill AFTER the plane takes off…..same thing happend to me,they cancelled my flight and i had to cab it home..the cab driver had to wake me up…and i could have sworn my shirt was tucked in b4 i left..hmm


    What posh airports you must go to. Most airports I’ve been in have those pesky armrests so you can’t layout and put your head where someone’s @$$ has been, so napping on the floor is common. C’est la vie.

  3. Laura

    He’d make for a sensational AA speaker…if he ever sobers up. He used to be kind of hot.

  4. ZeldaF

    Sad. So sad, he’s really a very gifted actor and was quite hot some time ago. Sad.

  5. Zekers

    I’m with the folks who think he used to be kind of hot and definitely a talented actor-yes. Doesn’t seem that he’s going to change his ways at this stage in the game…too bad.

    Jackierabbit-loved your story!

  6. green cardigan

    I have slept on the floor at the airport. Half way through a long haul and all the seats are separated by arm rests (or worse there are no seats)with 6 hours to go till your connecting flight, the floor starts to look like a good option.

    But surely Nick Nolte as a Hollywood movie star would be flying first class wouldn’t he? Don’t first class passengers get special privileges like armchairs and elevator music while they wait to board?

  7. Got to love the guy. Airports suck for the most part. It’s like you’re paying to enter a security zone, which you are. I hope Nick is ok. Terrific person.

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