Seriously, Celebrity Kids Are Out-Numbering All Of Us [PHOTOS]

The Jackson Kids
Michael Jackson's kids attend tribute show in Vegas.
When you’re a celebrity, the money you receive opens up a lot of doors–and legs, apparently. It seems that the people of Hollywood know less about birth control than any other demographic around! Or maybe they all pro create in an effort to perpetuate their empires, or good genetics. Just look at the Heidi Klum. Her constant pregnancy can only be in an attempt to create mini super models, to carry on the Klum legacy. Luckily, with every new addition to the Hollywood offspring, is loving parents to welcome and spoil them. Having said that, we’ve compiled a list of some of Hollywood’s biggest families.

So check out the gallery to play a rousing game of “count the kids!” followed by a game of “guess the parentage!”