Serena Williams is Bloggin’ and Cryin’

January 11th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Serena Williams might very well be engaging in some retail therapy in these pictures over her recent heartbreak. The statuesque international tennis star recently posted an extended blog post about how she was dumped by a mystery boyfriend. She doesn’t name the man with whom she says she grew close over the course of months, but describes in detail the progression of their emotional intimacy. In the post, Serena described how he subsequently and very abruptly ended the relationship. As Serena tells it, “And then it happens. Not the ‘L’ word. But what you have been most afraid of. What deep in your heart you have been afraid to confront. What you always suspected would happen one day sooner or later. HE STOPS CALLING.” Oh lord, this is what happens when too much wine and Internet access is provided to a woman who’s just been dumped. I do feel for Serena, but maybe quietly moving him out her top 8 would have been the wiser, more subtle choice.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. leilah

    Serena, babygirl, two suggestions:

    1. The one thing men, in general, and brothas particularly, fear in dating is that they’ll lose their autonomy and the woman will “be all over them.” The only time they want to “spend every second” with you is when you don’t. It never fails: the best way to find your man is to disappear — he’ll imagine the worst (or most likely), track you down, then check in with you constantly. It’s sad, it’s essentially a game, but it’s the truth.

    2. It’s best that you find a man with bigger shoulders and calves than have you. Again, it’s sad — but men can be incredibly insecure, and men in the public eye (his or yours) are more image-conscious than most. [Well, unless you go after Matt McConahay (sp?) or Woody Harrelson.]

  2. henry VIII

    did she break up with hip hop/r&B/rapper, Common? isn’t that who she had broken up with her long term bf for? (translation he found out when pictures of serena and common leaving the hotel together appeared on the internet)

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