Serena Williams And Fergie Hurt Our Eyes

February 20th, 2006 // 20 Comments

Once again, Serena Williams is pretty much giving away the store (bottom, middle photo), in an outfit that is once again totally inappropriate for her body frame. Fergie, just hurts are eyes. Period.

(UPDATE: Apparently, it’s Venus Williams that is hurting our eyes. Ooops.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Dr. tia

    Doesnt matter which sister it is they are both ugly !!! Fergie is okay.

  2. stacey

    The only reason Fergie looks good is because she has a ton of make up on and Venus barely has any make up on. Venus would look just as good as the other other girl if she put on a ton of make up too.

  3. Lola

    Does it really matter which sister it is? They both may be fantastic tennis players but they both have that tranny look about them. Pretty scary looking if you ask me. And
    Venus needs to be covering up those tree trunk legs
    of hers.

  4. kinna

    that’s NOT serena williams, its her older sister VENUS

  5. honeypeach

    Venus and Fergie= Burnt H.A.M’s

  6. netty

    Venus, Mars Jupiter, whatever, that girl is HUGE!

  7. Cameron

    Why is it that unless black women look like white women, or at least lighter skinned (ala Halle Berry), they are ugly. Majority of the planet ain’t white.

  8. Cynthia

    Because people are STUPID, and unless it is an anorexic walking skeleton with bleached hair and way too much make up and plastic surgery, it is not considered beautiful……

  9. ANGIE

    Uh maybe before we criticize we should at least know the correct Williams sister we are looking at.

  10. STFU

    Black, white whatever, the Williams sisters are some fucking ugly trannies. Thats why bitch!

  11. Try this on for Size Cameron

    The same could be said about white women to Cameron. There are plenty of beautiful Black women in this workd… are just a prejuiced bigot whos got a thing for white women who wrinkle faster and get various veins quicker than any other race out there.

    Where the HELL do you get off saying Black women have to look like white women to be pretty??!? F you and yo momma too.

  12. Kat...

    and why the hell arent white women (considered) beauitful unless they turn themselves orange? youre a racist dumbass who doesnt know what youre talking about.

  13. Hard-On

    First of all that’s Venus which I agree, she does hurt my eyes. As for Fergie she makes me like my screen-name states….

  14. Marsters

    The williams sisters are ugly even to the brothas ( like myself). Fergie has seen way to many eps of Nip/Tuck. Check out pis of her from two years ago and compare them to those of today. BIG DIFF!!!

  15. Marsters

    Try this on for Size Cameron, what the hell are various veins? Do you mean Varicose?

  16. Litgrow

    Venus and Serena are far from ugly (childish racist America never sees beauty outside of white.) Both are strong athletes, they can’t help that lots of men are weak with huge inferiority complexes and need their women to be extra small so they can feel big. What is sooo scary about a strong woman? Could it be that a lot of men just don’t measure up?

  17. doofus

    listen folks, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    while venus and serena are large, athletic women, it doesn’t automatically make them ugly. they aren’t the most attractive people, but I wouldn’t consider them to be ugly. and there are men and women who think they’re gorgeous. and while most of us think Fergie is a fish-lipped frog-faced fug, there IS one person who posted who thinks she’s hard-on material.

    and while most of us think that Posh is a pig-nosed leather-faced twit, there are people who love her.

    let’s just hope we can all agree that Asslee Simpson is a butt-chinned orange-skinned nasty little thing.

  18. Bono

    only one has a penis? which one?

  19. Venus Fanatic

    C’mon everybody!
    Venus and Serena are gorgeous! They are so athlectic, so much power going on…
    I truly believe they are models and love their games!

  20. JoJO

    Wow! Venus actually looks decent there even borderline pretty! That’s the first time I’ve ever seen her look that good she usually looks hideous. But Serena has always been the better looking one of the two, but she’s built like a 280 pound linebacker. Venus has the leaner more feminine figure. Fergie looks like a cross eyed transvestite.

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