Senior Citizens React To ‘Twilight’ [VIDEO]

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Fans everywhere are preparing to watch the conclusion of the Twilight Saga. Many had the opportunity to watch it early due to a marathon at most theaters. What will the fandom do after Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner are no longer on their screens?

Probably something similar to what the Harry Potter fans did. Read the books over again, watch all the movies, and cry repeatedly. It’s a lather, rinse, repeat process.

Senior citizens don’t appear to share the same fascination as the Twihards. One of the women above said she saw Twilight on television which is totally fine right? Well it would be if she at least used the correct title. Instead she referred to it as The Vampire Diaries.

Last week, someone asked me if the two vampire hits were the same thing. Any fans know the answer to that is obviously no. One has an intense story line, with blood, vampire who burn in the sun, and a super sultry cast. The other has vampires who sparkle in the sun…enough said.

What were their thoughts on the Team Edward or Team Jacob debate? Check out the video above to find out their thoughts!