Send in the Clowns: Virgie Arthur in the Hizzy

February 21st, 2007 // 71 Comments


As Anna Nicole’s corpse moulders (no, really, it is), her estranged Mom took the stage ..I mean stand in Florida today to bash Howard K. and throw some love on Larry Birkhead and deny that she’s in it for the money. Much like I did yesterday with Howard K. Stern’s lies, I’m going to provide you with Virgie’s in handy list form. Enjoy!

After taking questions about being paid by a paparazzi agency, Arthur charged, “The only one who’s ever made any money off my daughter is that man right there,” pointing to Stern. She added, “I heard that “ET” is buying her death funeral … for a million bucks.”

“Death funeral”? Is that like “birth christening”? Sorry, Virgie, go on.

Virgie Arthur told the court that she and Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-lover Larry Birkhead had a “special bond,” and that Birkhead left flowers at Daniel Smith’s grave in the Bahamas. She was not allowed, she claims, to know the location of Daniel’s grave on a recent visit, but when she learned the location, she found flowers from Birkhead there.

Sweet. Oh, there’s more. Don’t even think about not reading it.

Virgie told the court that her relationship with her daughter deteriorated once she met Howard K. Stern.

“We were close — we got our nails painted together,” said Arthur, who added that she lost touch with Anna when Smith began to abuse drugs. When asked what regrets she had concerning her relationship with her daughter, Virgie said, “I would’ve kidnapped her” when she began her downward spiral into drug abuse. Arthur also told Judge Larry Seidlin that when she visited Anna Nicole during a health crisis, her minders told her that they had been informed that her mother was dead, which wasn’t true.

Uh, I hope it isn’t true because she’s flapping her gums. Otherwise, she’s exceptionally animated for a dead woman. My only thought is that if there wasn’t money to be made off this, none of these people would have gotten out of their Barcaloungers or off their bar stools to even participate.

By J. Harvey

  1. lollie

    This hearing is so compelling but atrocious. Virgie Arthur is a pig, and needs to go back to TX. Stern or no Stern, she clearly wanted to be near her son and he is where is he, case closed. Now she wants to exhume his body? WTF?
    And the judge is a joke.

  2. Me

    “Death funeral”? Is that like “birth christening”? Sorry, Virgie, go on.”

    Virgie is an old tramp from wayyyyy back when. Anna Nicole was with the person she wanted to be with- Stern. And that judge is just auditioning for his own show. It’s a disgrace.

  3. amanda

    wait, what? Who wants to exhume who’s body?

  4. amle

    Larry was the only constant (other than her son) that anna wanted in her life. Virgie needs to go back to texas and shut up. Anna and Daniel need to be buried beside each other in the Bahamas. That is exactly what will happen.

  5. amle

    LOL STERN was the only constant (other than her son). See what this whole mess is doing to my brain.

  6. amle

    LOL STERN was the only constant (other than her son). See what this whole mess is doing to my brain.

  7. semi-benevolent dictator

    cremate anna. everybody gets a scoop. each party may handle the remains as they see fit.

  8. Galestorm

    My opinion is that Anna should be buried with Daniel for sure, even if they have to move his body to Texas. She will be at peace at last. Dannielynn should go with the father, if he wants her, and the lawsuits for the millions should be dropped and forgotten, let her live a normal life.

  9. howard was a kept man

    I kinda see where ANS got her weight problem.
    But I still like mom better than HK$.

  10. Ray

    When Virgie said she wanted to dig up Daniel and take him to Texas all I could think was, “Ya know, this Virgie might be a little crazy.”

    Barcalounger! Ha!!

  11. Audrey Hepburn

    Watching the highlights tonite, did anyone notice what a nice thing was revealed – that Larry Birkhead left flowers on Anna’s son’s anonymous grave. This seemed like such a small but sweet act on his part, done for no one in particular to notice.

  12. Nona

    Grasping Granny-hey, i’m a “granny” too, and if my daughter died and she wanted to be buried next to her dead child, i would honor and respect her wishes-i lost a son, I think of him everyday, and I want to be buried next to him.. Virgie, should be thinking of her grand-daughter, and keeping that baby out of the hands of the likes of HKS. He lives up to all they say about lawyers, 4 years of law school, to be a gofer, a handler, and a pimp. Save the Child!!! or she’ll be as
    crazy as her mother-and if u think Trim-Spa, did all that for Anna Nicole Smith, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell U!!!! by the way, where’s Kimmie? And that’s my opinion, what’s yours?

  13. Why does Jabba the Hut think she has any claim to anything of Anna Nicole’s, especially the bodies of her and her son? Just because she came out of your wretched cooch doesn’t mean you were her mother. You were her, um, womb donor. You’re just as evil and disgusting as everyone else out there. I don’t trust any of the potential fathers one iota, and I think that the baby should be put in foster care somewhere in middle America, out of the reach of all of these monsters, and have her money put in a trust that she cannot access until she is 21. All of them- Larry, Howard and Virgie ESPECIALLY- saw Anna as no more as a cash cow. And with her being pregnant, she was the goose with the golden egg. So if you put her out of reach of all these people, not only will they not get one cent of Anna’s money, but the foster parents will likely not be in it for the money, either. Or, at least, won’t be able to get their grubby paws on it.

    All of them make me sick.

  14. margaretta

    This group is beginning to make Anna Nicole look classy

  15. Just Me

    Howard KNEW the laws of the Bahamas and that’s why they moved there. He has planned all along to be designated as Dannielynn’s father so he could get his hands on the money… He’s a low-life, conniving SOB! Those of you who think Anna actually LIKED Howard must’ve never watched the Anna Nicole Show. I think she was brain-washed due to all the damn drugs she was on. Furthermore, I think both she and Daniel should be buried in TEXAS. Yes, that means EXHUME Daniel’s body to do so.

  16. digbyjane

    I just can’t fathom for a minute why anyone would fight over where her body should be buried. She must be buried next to her son in the Bahamas, it would be a terrible thing to move bury her in Texas and leave him there (and don’t even think about exhuming his body because that is just sick) I think Howard K Stern is very dodgy, but he is the only one who is saying this, and what does this have to do with Larry Birkhead anyway?

  17. Britt

    Pretty evident they are ALL whack-jobs! Anna didn’t stand a chance, can you imagine these people in your life, day after day, year after year. Tragic!
    As for these court proceedings..Ito, even with his lack of control, had it going on in the Simpson trial compared to this boisterous buffoon of a judge!

  18. nanabell402000

    Wow, what a spectacle!! The mother (and I use the term lightlyl) is appalling. Stern is a leach. Larry Berkhead is fairly decent thus far. The woman should be buried with her son in the Bahamas and a trust should be set up for the child and managed by an uninvolved third party. The judge is a disgrace to the juicial system.

  19. Elaine

    One thing. Virgie said that there were flowers from Birkhead at Daniel’s grave. Hmmm, interesting. Did he leave a nametag saying they were from him? I’m sure there wasn’t an alterior motive there.

    But, that being said, I’m still convinced that Larry Birkhead is the least loony of the whole bunch.

  20. JO

    You must all forget–Howard, for whatever reason, was the only constant in her life. She could rely on him to be there for her thru thick & thin. You can’t make anyone go off drugs! He monitored her, fetched, and generally cleaned up the messes she made. He was loyal and faithful to her, mostly I suppose because he was deeply in love or obsessed with her. Don’t sell him short–he was the only one always at Anna’s side, the others were hangers one. He won’t benefit from her death, but as her attorney of record in her husband’s estate, he will earn 6% of the proceeds. Grow Up

  21. Trish

    Virgie Arthur scares me. Anna wanted nothing to do with her, left her along time ago, and wanted her to have nothing to do with Dannielynn. She was an abusive parent and is a gold digger.

    She cries about her grandson, whom she actually had no relationship with. Didn’t know one thing about him. Last saw him at about 5 years old. When Anna was finally able to leave her for good.

    She is a good argument for not dying intestate. If you have families of origin that you want not to be a part of your life, make a will.

  22. simone

    this is pathetic. if she were a good mother, she would have been part of her daughter’s life and she would also follow the wishes of her daughter at this time.

  23. Marilyn M.

    Mrs. Virgie Arthur is one sick mother. She doesnt care that her daughters body is decomposing. And she wants to dig poor Daniel up, just so she can have her way and bury them near her. She should not get what she wants. Anna made it very clear, she was a horrible mother, and if you watched her facial expressions in court, you could see she was making smart-ass facial expressions and rolling her eyes as if she doesnt really care what Anna wants, just cares if she will get her way or not. Another thing, how hard is it to answer a question about if you profited from your daughter or grandsons death. She is a very greedy woman, with no love, no repsect for her daughter or grandson. So very sad. RIP Vicky Lynn and Daniel Wayne Smith.

  24. Nicole

    Virige is that I call a WTPTP (White trailer park trash princess) and as far as I’m concerned, that moo-cow should just shut her mouth and dry up like the prune that she is. She says that she LOVES her daughter???? Is that why she’s appealing the judge’s decision now? So that Anna can lie in the ME’s office and continue to deteriorate? If that’s love then who the heck wants it?????

  25. Nicole

    Virige is that I call a WTPTP (White trailer park trash princess) and as far as I’m concerned, that moo-cow should just shut her mouth and dry up like the prune that she is. She says that she LOVES her daughter???? Is that why she’s appealing the judge’s decision now? So that Anna can lie in the ME’s office and continue to deteriorate? If that’s love then who the heck wants it?????

  26. JERRY

    Am I wrong or not, didn’t Anna Nichol say in the tape something about beatings and rape in reference to her mother? Virgie Arthur is wanting the money and nothing more. If Anna had such a horrible life with her Mom, what has the poor baby have to look forward too. Stern was the only one who made sense in the hearing. Fishead didn’t even know what year he started to see Anna. His whole income was off Anna. At least Stern stayed by her through thick and thin money or no money. Arthur had a tabloid news service pay all her expenses and took them to the viewing. Who’s paying for those expensive Texas lawyers? What about Arthur’s connection with the burglars?

  27. rick r

    After hearing the vicious e-mails Larry sent to Anna after the death of Daniel, ie., about her connection with the devil and what a tramp she was–even naming some of her lovers–he has no credibility as any type of human being. I thought he claimed they were monagamous. To go after custody at that time shows he is no “manly man.”
    I think Deborah Oprey, Michael Jackson’s lawyer gives all lawyers a bad name. She likes to hit them when they are down. I think they are proud to be a cause of her death to help them win custody. Larry seemed very happy at the hearing. His fake looking frosted hair should have told Anna something.

  28. dana

    Virgie Arthur should be tarred and feathereds and sent back to the trailer she came from. She tortured Anna in life and continues to do so in death. If Larry Birkhead is Daddy and in cahoots with grandma, you know Anna will be spinning in her grave when finally buried. I hope she haunts those freaks ofr the rest of hteir lives and hope Vergie goes to hell in a handbascket. Evil bitch. Doen’t the ET tape of Anna speaking about her mother mean anything. She detested that pig. I hot justice prevails and Vergie drops dead next. So gross.

  29. well it appears to me that anna was right on the money when she said all those horrible things about her mom. i wanted to give her a chance to tell her side of the story . and oh boy did she ever when she decided to appeal.

  30. frankie

    all of these poeple need to be lifted up in prayer.that poor sweet 5 month old is the only one that truely will suffer for all.please for heaven sake lay anna down to peace once and for all,as she seemed to have very little of that on earth.

  31. J

    Virgie’s nothing but a stupid cow without a cow bell. MOOOOOO MOOOOOOO. She’s a narcissist who only wants what she wants, because, it’s ALL ABOUT HER, or so her 1/2 of 1 brain cell thinks. There is no regard for what her daughter wanted. Exhume Daniel and move him to TX? Yeah, that’s respectful you stupid, inbred cow. Here’s my theory:
    -Anna is not dead, but in hiding, having kicked her drug habit
    -Daniel is the true father. HKS killed him out of jealousy; HKS is impotent
    -HKS suffers from delusional disorder and is in a psychiatric hospital and ready to confess to killing Daniel.
    -Larry is a pretty boy hired to take the focus off and distract everyone. Larry is the lover of that pathetic, gender-confused freak, Bobby Trendy. The pink and orange tafetta has to go you ugly bitch.
    -Danielynn is being looked after by Athena Onassis in Greece

  32. Kim

    I think that Virgie needs to leave this alone!! Everyone can see that Anna hated her and would not want her to be attempting to claim her body and take it back to Texas. Anna lived in the Bahamas and that is where she planned on being for the rest of her life and beyond, otherwise she wouldn’t have buried her son there. Virgie needs to cut the crap,drag her ass back to Texas and shut the F up!!!

  33. Heather

    VIrgie Arthur is a moron. You don’t need her baby. She hated you. Back off lady. Dannylynn needs to be with her dad not you. No matter who the dad is. You are in it for the money. Get out. She didn’t want you in her life, she hated you. I am sure there is a good reason why she didn’t will her money or her daughter to you. Let her be buried with her son. People like you are the reason I have a will for my 3 kids. My mom won’t get my kids either. She let her husband beat me and she stayed with him. You are the one who hurt your child. Leave her alone and let her rest in peace. Let the men figure out who the dad is… MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!! You are a money hungry woman and that is all you are.

  34. Kati

    Wow, I am so glad I looked at the comments. I thought I was going crazy. After watching parts of this trial I was amazed at the lack of decorum and the attorneys behavior. Ms. Oprey should have been expelled from the courtroom after calling HKS a murderer and the judge had absolutely no right to pursue paternity. The baby isn’t even an american citizen yet. No paper work has been filed for dual citizenship and no application for a Social Security card (usually done while still in the hospital). The judge also gave Larry B. a total pass during his questioning and told him he was “a charming southern gentelman” WTF? isn’t the judge suppoused to be the impartial one in the room?

  35. bewildered

    Anna Nicole obviously hates her mother Virgie with a passion. What daughter wouldn’t? After I saw the video clip of Anna talking about her abuse and rape as a child, all of a sudden one understands why she was dysfunctional. Even then she made things happen for her and her son. Virgie is a gold digger, trailer trash who has no respect for her dead daughter. Let Anna rest in peace with her son, Virgie! You are a pig Virgie!Anna didn’t like you in life. Why would you think she’d like to be near you in death????

  36. ARL





  37. YOur L

    I am sad that these people are so stupid. If this mom truly did love her daughter she would have done things different a long time ago. When Anna reached to her after her sons death, Virgie reached to the media. Anna did not trust or care for her mom at all. My goodness, let Anna be buried next to her son (whom she loved so much). I cant even believe that she is coming out to argue that. If she truly loved her daughter as a mom should, she would honor and accept that and try to move forward and build onto a relationship with her new grand-daughter. Now seeing her like this and all she has done. I dread the day that Howard might lose his daughter. Because no matter what now- He is the father. How can anyone deny that. I just can not believe that she cant even go in peace. Larry and Virgie need to get a life and stop seeking evil. I only pray this all works out for Anna’s sweet loving child…………

  38. habbie

    Virgie Arthur is a controlling,self absorbed woman, I think she is craving for the fame her daughter had. Even though Anna-nicole was on lots of drugs she obviously knew what she was talking about when it came to describing her mother

  39. Cherrie

    I am happy to see how enlightened everyone is about seeing right through money-hungry Vergie and plastic Larry. He sure seemed happy during the hearing, but now I see him crying crocodile tears. In listening to the views of tv commentators, I thought my friends were the only ones with any insight into the sick psyche of these losers.
    Anna was not a stupid woman. That was all an act. Hopefully, her clever move to the Bahamas will pay off legally for Dannielynn.

  40. nora

    Anna Nichol Smith was a wonderful caring person. I watched her show every time it was on, and she was funny. Virgie doesn’t own the right to call herself a mother esspecailly to Anna. Virgie only used Anna, and only wanted Anna if it benefitted her in $$$$$$$$$$$$. Virgie makes me sick. Virgie is pathetic and worthless. Go back to Texas you trailer trush scum. I don’t think a judge should even think of giving her Anna’s body, or her baby. Virgie will just use the kid for her money like she did Anna. GO BACK TO TEXAS VIRGIE AND DON’T EVER SPEAK OF ANNA NICHOL SMITH. LET THEM BURY ANNA BY HER SON.

  41. Virgie the “GREEDY GRANNY” is going for the GOLD !
    First the “BODY” then the “BA-BA” Then “The BUNDEL of BUCKS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    She is an “OLD PIG-FACE”

  42. J

    Maybe Virgie is hoping to make enough dough to visit a FAT FARM, a decent hairdresser and a plastic surgeon. Oink Oink and MOO MOO… what a stupid bitch.. her daughter is decomposing in a morgue and she wants to waste more time. Larry.. uhh, not sure. Howard.. greedy/stoic bastard. Virgie.. has no virtue, grace or class. Any way it goes- Danielynn loses, which is so sad for a 6 month old.. a trailer park trash, narcissist granny, Howard the whiny lawyer who’s had no proper job in a decade and at 36 is borrowing from mommy/daddy.. what, he’s “worked” for free all these years? I think not.. Larry.. well, he could be a little less prettified and be a little more “butch.”

  43. J

    YAHOO… Anna Nicole will be buried in the Bahamas.. WOO HOO.. after 3 weeks, she finally gets her wish. Go home Virgie.. back to your trailer park, back to your bottle of expired Clairol, go back to your 1/2 of 1 brain cell.. me thinks the hair dye went into your scalp and did significant brain damage. (In your case, “drain bamage.”) Moo MOOOOOO, the cows are calling you. It was never about you, the sooner you figure that out, the sooner you’ll find the other half of the brain cell that’s missing.

  44. Viola

    I think that Virgie is the worst kind of mother. She needs to stop and let her daughter be laid to rest next to her son where she wanted to be from day one. We need to take a lesson from the Bible, the story of the man who was left to decide the true mother of a baby, he could not decide so he suggested to cut the child in half and the true mother spoke up and said, give the baby to the other woman, Sounds like a plan to me, there has been such disrespect to Anna, cutting her in half sounds like the way to go to me. Give half to Howard and half to Virgie! I understand why Anna left the United States, Everyone wanted something from her. She did not have the kind of support she should have had. I wish I could have met her. My next suggestion is, Leave Howard alone! He just lost someone he loved and he had not even had the respect that he deserves to have. If Larry said he saw them doing drugs in the hospital, why did he not tell someone? I understand why Anna did take the drugs in the hospital, if she did. I have been in her shoes. I know what its like not to be given the drugs as perscribed by your doctor while in the hospital, so I have been there. I have taken my own drugs without the hospital knowing it so don’t judge her unless you know it for a fact. We have way too much hearsay going on out there.

  45. flash

    Virgie makes Howard K. Stern look like a knight in shinning armore. What a piece of work–trailer trash old slut.

  46. flash

    Virgie makes Howard K. Stern look like a knight in shinning armore. What a piece of work–trailer trash old slut.

  47. T SMALLS

    I really wish that someone would just slap Virgie, in her face. She didn’t come out of her hole until Daniel, died. The only reason she did was because she saw it as move to make money. Now Daniel’s father is coming out of the blue talking about he wants his son in Texas. Where was he befor, and I wonder who put him up to that. Virgie, want’s Anna, in texas just to spite her.She seems like the type of person that would go to her daughter’s grave and taunt her. All of this is really just sad..ALL FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY..

  48. Eleanor McCallister

    Virgie is typical trailer trash. She could care less for Anna or Danny. Has anyone checked her Tax returns to see how she can pay for all of these legal fees? Or, was she just planning on using the money she hoped to get by staging her daughter’s funeral in Texas? How can Anna’s UNEMPLOYED former husband pay for any of his legal fees? I believe Howard truly loved Anna and did whatever Anna wanted him to do. Anna was a very strong woman and wasn’t about to let anyone run all over her. She was not the dumb blonde that she portrayed herself to be. God help that child if she is given to Virgie!!!

  49. Marilyn

    Virgie Arthur is a total scum bag.
    What kind of grandma is she. She lost her daugther when she was 16 yrs old.
    I believe Howard was the only true constant in her life. She would of found a way to take her prescription drugs if he would not of given it to her.

  50. Concerned

    First of all Anna’s birth mother is a disgrace, I agre with most people on her that she is pure scum TRAILER TRASH, poor Anna what a embarrasment she must of been. As far as Larry he is a wanna be why Anna ever spent time with him we will never know but she was done with him and for some reason she didnt want her baby around him right???? As far as Howard he loved Anna with his whole being, I think it took her a while to have these feelings for him but when she realized he was truly one person that she could count on no matter what her love grew deeply for him and she wanted him to raise her daughter and be her daddy that was HER choice she is the one that allowed his name to be put on the birth certf. this is all that matters why is it so hard to see what Anna wanted? Howard is in deep mourning look at what he also has had to go through dont you think it broke his heart to see Anna mourning so hard for her beloved son and there was nothing he could do to make it better…..leave him alone…….I pray he gets to raise his daughter, as we all no you dont have to donate the sperm to be a great daddy!

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