Selena Gomez And Joey King Bond As ‘Ramona And Beezus’

Selena Gomez got an unexpected benefit after filming her new movie Ramona and Beezus….a sisterly bond with Joey King, who plays her onscreen sibling.

The two apparently in real-life have the same kind of close-knit relationship as the characters they portray from the famous Beverly Cleary books.

“Even when they stopped, when they would say ‘cut,’ we would still
just be as loud and talking,” Selena, pictured at the premiere of the film yesterday, told MTV News. She said the two girls are now  “inseparable.” God, could she be any cuter?! Watch the video of the interview after the jump

“Pretty much we talk all the time,” Selena said about her new bond with 11-year-old King. “She’s like my
sister, and I never had a sibling, so she’s as close as I’ve got.”

Seems like as good a way as any to start off a budding film career.