Selena! Hamsters! Boxers! Justin Bieber Is In Some Serious Turmoil [PHOTOS]

Justin and Selena
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez get frisky.
Shirtless Bieber
Justin shows off his abs and Calvin Klein underwear.
My, how the mighty have fallen. It seems that just because you are the current boy wonder of pop music, doesn’t mean you are above scandals. It seems that controversial issues are popping up left and right, regarding Justin Bieber. It’s almost hard to keep up with all of the craziness surrounding him right now.

Let’s start from the beginning. Bieber has been on tour for the past few months, and has been doing two major activities apart from singing, during that time: Tweeting and caring for his new pet Hamster, PAC. Now, there’s not really been a correlation between those 2 activities in the past, but recently, a wave of outrage has been sparked regarding the singers tweets, and hamster-care as of late.

When the singer tweeted about the recent defeat of the pro boxer, Manny Pacquiao in a sarcastic manner a few weeks ago, the Philippines Congress caught word of the jokes and furiously implored Bieber to apologize for his “distasteful comments … lest he be declared persona non grata.” Bieber’s response was in defense of his opinions and of his fans, who he said “wouldn’t leave my side over a boxing opinion I have.” This all sounds like a lot of trouble over a few mischievous pictures posted to Twitter. But, hey! I guess the government in the Philippines doesn’t play when it comes to it’s boxing stars!

But, a country in the Pacific Islands isn’t the only random party that is upset with Bieber at the moment. (But, wait! There’s more!) Over the course of his summer tour, Bieber had adopted a Hamster named PAC, who he took everythwhere with him. Even the red carpet! So just when everyone was starting to get used to Bieber’s new assistant, he went and nonchalantly gave the rodent to a screaming fangirl the the crowds of one of his concerts last week.

The action shocked us all. And created a spout of outrage on behalf of the California Hamster Association, who spoke out about the matter saying, “The moment that hamster was handed off to a screaming girl in a harsh, frenzied environment was likely the moment it gazed at the short path to its doom.” How tragic! And here, another problem the singer could have avoided if he had just kept his weird tendencies to himself!

However, among all of the tension, the questions still remain: Why would Bieber randomly abandon his pet? Does a ‘California Hamster Association’ really exist? And, most importantly, is it all really that serious?

The shows must go on, though! Instead of doing damage control during these awkward times, Bieber is continuing his tour– and he’s got some  old company! Despite reportedly breaking up with him a last month, Selena Gomez was spotted boarding a swanky private jet with the fellow “singer.” Judging by the giant air of secrecy around the entire outing, their rekindled romance is still under wraps. Or maybe they haven’t figured out what they’re going to do yet. There are more reports claiming the pair have been spotted canoodling in the last few weeks. This certainly thickens the plot, wouldn’t you say?

Phew! Did you follow all that? Justin Bieber sure has a lot on his plate right now! I guess he’s opted to ignore the troubles and just sing his problems away. I guess only time will tell.

Check out the gallery to see Selena Gomez once again spotted at the side of Justin Bieber, as they fly out of Van Nuys, CA.