Selena Gomez’s Super Cute Magazine Covers [PHOTOS]

True Love Story
Selena Gomez parodies Fifty Shades of Grey.
Looking at how Selena Gomez has evolved over the course of a few years really shows that she is no longer a little, adorable girl. Now she is this stunning young woman. It’s hard to believe she’s twenty. It feels like just yesterday she was celebrating her eighteenth birthday.

The star has been covering many tween magazines, due to her success with the Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place, but more recently she is covering more mature magazines.

She covered Elle and Cosmopolitan which interest women in their late teens and twenties, all the way up to the thirties, and maybe forties. Can’t say I really see Gomez covering another teen magazine anytime soon.

Checking out the lead image and focus on the magazine cover to the left. Doesn’t her Teen Vogue cover look a little too…photoshopped? Trust me, that’s not the orientation of the picture, it’s really what the magazine looks like. Why would you find it necessary to destroy a beautiful cover? Maybe it’s because she’s facing sideways, but for some reason, I doubt it.

Her covers are always adorable! Check out the gallery to see how she has changed through the years. Her girl to woman transformation is astounding!