Selena Gomez Takes A Break After Getting Upset Over Bieber

Selena Gomez At LAX
The singer got the giggles amidst a huge crowd.
I understand that life in the limelight can be tough, but some stars seem to make it a little more dramatic than it probably is.

Selena Gomez was seen stopping at a 7/11 with a friend to grab a drink and take a break. She looked fairly put together, sporting tight pants and a crop top, despite rumors that she’s torn apart over Justin Bieber’s recent activities. 

After Justin was arrested, which we just can’t seem to stop talking about, Selena was reportedly “devastated” and couldn’t get over it. By the time she found out he had probably already been released anyway, so why the devastation? What apparently added more to her distress was the news that Justin Bieber is rumored to be dating model Chantel Jeffries.

Selena and Justin were supposedly having a fling at the beginning of the year, but had since stopped it when Justin sent Selena nasty messages and she started hating him. Now she’s upset he’s with someone else? Pick a side, Selena.

Selena Gomez was having dinner with her good friend Vanessa Hudgens when people overheard the two talking about how upset Selena is over Justin. At least she’s surrounded by friends who can help her through this upsetting but seemingly dramatized time in her life.