Selena Gomez Stops By ‘Letterman,’ Was ‘Willing’ To Get Gritty For ‘Spring Breakers’ [PHOTOS]

An Emilio Pucci-clad Selena Gomez promoted Spring Breakers (out this Friday) at the Late Show With David Letterman tonight in New York (March 18th), and one can only imagine what sorts of questions Letterman will ask about spring break.

Director Harmony Korine recently talked about how “open” Gomez and her equally fresh-faced co-stars were to taking part in the racy film, also starring James Franco.

“I guess they were at a point in their life where they just wanted to try stuff [and] do things that were more extreme, a bit more graphic, more adult,” Korine told Access Hollywood (via Yahoo!). “They were with me the whole time.” 

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson were game for the threesome they filmed with Franco, who plays an arms/drugs dealer who busts the girls out of jail.

“Before they did their three-ways and stuff, we talked about it [and] figured it out,” Korine said.  “They all seemed pretty into it [and] turned on by each other, so they went for it!”

Ah, youth.