Selena Gomez Stays Comfy In A Jumpsuit As She Takes A Break From Touring

Selena's Cute Covers
Some of Selena Gomez's cutest magazine covers!
Selena Gomez may be sporting all sorts of crazy costumes on her current world tour, but the starlet was all about keeping it comfortable as she was spotted in New York City yesterday (August 20).

I’m not often a fan of jumpsuits, but I actually really love this look on Selena. The pattern is very cute and I’m really digging the slit in the back. It makes it seem less crazy and confined and more loose and comfy.

The only thing I want to know is why her perfect hair is all up in braids. 

Selena, don’t you know you’ve gotta leave the hair flowing and fabulous? Also, I have a feeling that Selena is going to be pretty wiped out after this tour of hers. The other day Selena Instagrammed this photo and just looking at it makes me hurt all over. (Although that could be from my work out the other day. Why do people work out, again?)

Well Selena, you enjoy the break that you get today before you start everything up in Canada again tomorrow. Any of you guys planning to see one of her shows, or already seen it? Let us know in the comments!