Selena Gomez Spends Day With Mom & Baby Sister, Posts Very Cozy Picture With David Henrie

August 10th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Runs Errands In Los Angeles
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Dear Selena, you’re confusing us!

The Come & Get It singer Selena Gomez posted a picture of herself with former costar David Henrie on Instagramlooking rather cozy, with the caption “Homesick..”

Now was that just for some good ‘ol jealousy ex revenge on Justin Bieber or did she take our advice from months ago? 

Hopefully neither since the girl starts her “Stars Dance” tour on August 14.

She definitely doesn’t need boy baggage right now.

Which is why it is refreshing to see that Selena had a family date with her mom Mandy Cornett Teefey  and baby step-sister Gracie at Topanga Mall in Canoga Park, CA on August 10, 2013.

So guys, what do you think she meant by homesick?


  1. She means DAVID is homesick because he’s away that time in another country. He might be missing Selena and so she posted that hahaha! Assuming much!

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