Selena Gomez Shows Off Some Tummy For Commercial, Apparently Not Talking To Taylor Swift

Selena & Her Fans
Gomez Makes Sure To Show Some Love To Her Biggest Fans
Looks like Selena Gomez is still busy working in New York City.

The singer and actress was spotted in the city today, finishing up her commercial shoot for Adidas Neo. This Adidas thing has been very good for Selena. Not that she needs the money, but it’s nice to be the face of something.

So, have you guys heard the rumors that Selena and BFF Taylor Swift aren’t talking anymore? I’ll give you one guess as to why that is. 

Did you guess Justin Bieber? Then you are right. According to Us Weekly, Taylor has cut off ties with Selena since Jelena became a thing again. Why did you have to sexy dance with Justin, Selena? Why?! It’s not like we don’t all know how Taylor feels about Biebs. We all remember the GIF seen round the world.

Still, Gossip Cop is reporting that there’s no truth to the best friend breakup news. “A friend of Swift’s says it’s completely false, and that she ‘thinks of Selena like a little sister and will always be there for her.’ ” At this point, I just don’t know who to believe.

But since I want Selena to stop dating Justin, I’m gonna pretend that Taylor isn’t talking to her, which will be the catalyst that finally breaks up Justin and Selena. What do you guys think is going on? Check out all the photos of Selena’s commercial shoot in the gallery, then let us know in the comments!