Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Belly While Pumping Gas [PHOTOS]

May 26th, 2012 // 1 Comment

Look guys! Selena Gomez is just like the rest of us!

Selena was spotted in Encino today (May 26) pumping some gas and cleaning her windows, while still making sure to show off her belly in a top by Express. Luckily she’s got the body for it, so more power to her.

The singer recently had some fun with Funny or Die, posting a parody video of the best seller Fifty Shades Of Grey. It’s pretty funny. Although I kinda wish boyfriend Justin Bieber had done with her. Now that would have been really entertaining. 

I wonder will happen to Hollywood’s young couple in the near future. We know they’re fond of Lakers PDA, but all those rumors they were breaking up–they’ve gotta come from somewhere, right?

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Belly At The Gas Station
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously!? The idiot is using a mobile phone at a gas pump!? Can anyone say: “Beauty but no Brains!”.

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