Selena Gomez Rocks Bindi While Out Grabbing A Pack Of Smokes

Selena Gomez Snaps
Selena takes the time to pose for pics with fans!
Selena Gomez smokes? The things we learn when catching the star out running errands!

Selena Gomez was seen rocking a bindi on her forehead while out picking up an iced drink and some smokes from a Tarzana, California local gas station. The starlet seemed unfazed and happy, which seems strange considering everything we know about what she and her friends have been up to lately. 

If Selena is concerned about Justin Bieber’s arrest she certainly isn’t showing it. Selena was seen recently hanging out and riding Segways with her former boyfriend in his Calabasas neighborhood. I wonder how she feels about his latest antics?

Despite Justin and his crazy lifestyle, part of Selena’s happy look might have to do with her recent reunion with singer Demi Lovato. The childhood best friends had a falling out around the time Demi entered rehab in 2010. Selena recently opened up about the reunion, saying, “I don’t think it was fair, and I’m so happy that I have her back in my life now.”

It’s slightly surprising that Selena is still sporting a bindi out and about considering all the trouble it caused for her. This past spring many female celebrity icons began wearing the bindi during concerts and in photos, sparking a lot of debate over whether or not this was offensive to Indian culture. The celebs felt differently, considering it embracing the culture rather than mocking it. Clearly, Selena feels the same way.