Selena Gomez Rides A Segway With Justin Bieber, They Might Be Back Together

Justin & Selena Kiss
The couple gets romantic during a sun filled vacation!
Just when we thought that we were done with the saga of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, they do something that drags us all back in again.

The former couple, who broke-up in the middle of last year, where spotted together today riding Segways in Calabasas, where Justin lives.

Two amazing Twitter users were able to take the above image, and there is no mistaking that it is indeed Selena and Justin in the photos. 

Twitter user @NickSanitskyposted the photo on the left with the Tweet:

Yeah, that sounds about right in the Jelena relationship. Another Twitter user, @Madliebz, took the photo on the right and Tweeted it with the caption:

Yes, @Madliebz, that’s what we thought too. And that’s what we want. Because Selena needs to focus on whatever she’s got going on that made her cancel her Australian tour, and Justin is bad news. While he does have some nice abs, they need to stop it for reals.

What do you think of the couple’s outing? Think it means that they’re back together or are they just trying to be friends? Sound off in the comments below!