Selena Gomez Returns From The UK, Spotted Making Out With One Direction’s Niall Horan?

Rehab last month seems to have helped Selena.
After a quick trip to England, Selena Gomez returned to Los Angeles Tuesday night.

Delighted fans wasted absolutely no time surrounding the starlet and showing her a little affection. Miss Gomez even stopped to take a photo with one of the lucky ladies!

After an estimated 11-hour flight, I would say she looks pretty incredible! Down-to-earth as ever, she opted to wear the same outfit she boarded with, unlike some celebrities who do a change mid-flight.

According to reports, London certainly wasn’t a bore for her. Let’s recap:

I’m sure we all remember when the leggy brunette showed some skin and had a little fun with One Direction cutie, Niall Horan, right?

That all seems perfectly innocent. According to the latest story, it wasn’t as rated G as we originally thought.

A source told Hollywood Life, “Sel & him made out a bit, but it wasn’t a big deal.” Now the question is, did Selena go there for this date, or was it a platonic outing (or two) that turned into a little bit more?

After all the Justin Bieber drama as of late, especially the rumors that he took her virginity and gave her a STD, it seems like she could use a good guy.

The source added, “he’s being a gentleman and that is great for her. The last thing she needs is anything serious, but he’s cute and he likes her.”

Rebound or fling, as long as she’s happy and he treats her well that’s all that matters, right?

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