Selena Gomez Pulls A Miley Cyrus At ‘Getaway’ Premiere

Selena Performs
Selena Gomez on stage in Vancouver.
Selena Gomez kept it classy though – she kept her clothes on.

Gomez arrived at the global Getaway movie premiere featuring the Shelby GT500 Super Snake on the red carpet at Regency Village Theatre yesterday (August 26, 2013) in Westwood, California.

The brunette star, 21, donned a stunning black, purple and silver Vera Wang dress with a lace panel. Selena swept her glossy locks into a loose ponytail and accessorized with a dazzling pair of purple jewel earrings and Jimmy Choo black lace heels. 

In the film, Selena plays a gritty, smart-mouthed teen whose technological prowess helps former race-car driver Brent Magna (played by Ethan Hawke) rescue his wife from deadly kidnappers. It’s Gomez’s first leading role – a fact, that actually made the teen star anxious when she first arrived on set.

“I was so nervous,” Gomez said. “But Ethan made me feel comfortable instantly. I have sheets of notes of things he would say… by the time we got on set, I was very comfortable. And when I was tired, or stressed or something, he always cheered me up.”

Selena retweeted the following pic from the premiere.


Check out how gorgeous Selena Gomez looked at the premiere of Getaway, by launching the gallery.

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