Selena Gomez Plunges Into The Little Cafe For Breakfast

Just Being Miley
...Except she's Selena. What did this girl do?
Selena Gomez plunged into breakfast at The Little Cafe today!

Now, don’t worry. This wasn’t some silly stunt she was pulling for a movie or something. Physically, she wasn’t plunging like bungee jumping or anything.

Actually, it was just her neckline. As you can see, the star opted to wear a white blouse that gives quite a preview of what she has going on beneath the fabric.

At least she looks really cute, right?

Earlier this week, the dark-haired beauty visited the same spot with her mother. They must have some good food if it’s a constant haunt of hers!

This week, she has been talked about because of both Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone. So far, Gomez hasn’t commented. Sometimes it seems better to just keep quiet on some things and hope they pass.

I do love her shirt from today though! Let’s hope she wears more similar. Her fashion sense is lovely!

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