Selena Gomez Loves Herself Some Pickles & Short Shorts [PHOTOS]

Justin & Selena Kiss
The couple gets romantic during a sun filled vacation!
Selena Gomez Speak Now
Selena Gomez joins Taylor Swift on Speak Now tour
Damn Selena Gomez, look at them skinny legs. We couldn’t help but stare when we saw Selena on the set of her new film, Spring Breakers, busting out them short shorts. Makes sense though, since her movie is about a group of friends enjoying a Floridian spring break. Since she missed theme park bonding day, she’s gotta start somewhere.  Also, why pair them with Uggs? WHY?

Who knew that Selena was such a fan of pickles? Check out the photos to see her just walking around with a giant jar of them. I wonder if she has discovered the wonders of Jameson and pickle juice yet? I can’t imagine she’s far from that. 

Check out the photos in the gallery to appreciate all the pickled shorts pictures. Eww. Pickled shorts. I can’t believe I just used those words together. Meh.