Selena Gomez Loves A Good Cupcake Tower [PHOTOS]

Selena Gomez Speak Now
Selena Gomez joins Taylor Swift on Speak Now tour
Selena Gomez was interviewed by New York radio dj Elvis Duran for his daily morning show while filming a skit for Funny or Die today (April 26th).  While she was waiting for things to begin, Duran presented the singer with a tower of cupcakes.  Her reaction was priceless.

Gomez was recently asked to duet with the Selena Quintanilla on the late singer’s tribute album., which she told Just Jared was an “amazing” request.

“I was completely honored when they asked me to be on the tribute CD and when I went into the studio to record they actually had her vocals in the booth that she was in, so I felt like she was singing right next to me. It gave me chills! It was incredible and it was a great experience and it was a great song.”