Selena Gomez Looks Incredible Leaving A Dance Studio, Staying Strong After Rehab Reveal

Gorgeous Girl
Selena Gomez sexes it up with a plunging neckline.
One of the most talked about celebrities as of late is Selena Gomez.

Being the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Justin Bieber certainly causes all of the attention to turn to you when he’s on a fast downward spiral.

In spite of all the speculation and stories, she seems to be doing rather well. Just today, she visited a dance studio. Do you think this is a recreational activity, or something she’s doing for an upcoming job?

Earlier this week it was revealed that she did a stint in rehab. Perhaps dancing is one way she keeps herself healthy and relaxed.

Her health wasn’t the only reason she was highly talked about either. Unfortunately, Bieber seems to be somewhat inclined to take the beautiful singer down with him.

Apparently the Biebs shared information about how Gomez lost her virginity to him. No girl wants that information spread about her, especially not to millions of people. He should be ashamed of himself if he did really speak so openly about it.

With everyone that has been happening as of late, I’m truly thrilled she has her friends and hobbies to lean on.

As Demi Lovato says, stay strong.

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