Selena Gomez Locks Lips With Another Man [PHOTOS]

Justin & Selena Beach It
Justin and Selena enjoy some fun in the sun!
Damn Selena Gomez, you are really going in for that kiss.

Must be why she’s such an in demand actress. Selena was spotted on the set of her new film Parental Guidance Suggested–formerly called Feed The Dog–getting rather hot and heavy with her co-star, Nat Wolff.

We don’t think boyfriend Justin Bieber will mind too much, seeing as how it was just for a movie. And, if memory serves, Justin was spotted making out with some young hot thing himself not too long ago. Isn’t it a weird world where people can get paid–and it’s totally fine–to make out with someone who isn’t their significant other?

I love this whole world of acting and celebrity. So many things just wouldn’t fly in any other situation.

Check out all the photos of Selena from the set in the gallery and tell us what you think about the magic of movie make outs in the comments.