Selena Gomez Knows How To Rock A Jumpsuit As She Grabs Taco Bell

Did Selena Forget Pants?
Or are those just really, really short shorts?
Selena Gomez is slowly becoming one of my favorite celebs, solely based on how much fast food she eats. It’s like she knows all of my favorite lunch spots!

Selena was spotted leaving one of those favorites earlier today, the magical place known as Taco Bell. I know, I know, it’s not real Mexican food. But when one eats Taco Bell, they don’t want Mexican, they want Taco Bell.

How does she eat this much fast food and drink all those slurpees and still look like that? 

Is it her reward for having spent all that time dating Justin Bieber? It must be. Also, that jumpsuit is amazing. I don’t normally like jumpsuits, but this one is very cute. How is that celebs can look so snazzy all the time? Must be money. (Cue singing.)

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Selena, her jumpsuit and her Taco Bell. Just because I feel like it, let’s turn this into a “list your favorite fast food” post. I’ll go first. Taco Bell for the win!