Selena Gomez & Her Funny Faces Are Getting Ready To Go Dark For ‘Rudderless’

Selena's Cute Covers
Some of Selena Gomez's cutest magazine covers!
Just because she’s beautiful and talented doesn’t mean that Selena Gomez can’t indulge in some silly every once in awhile.

The gorgeous actress was spotted in London earlier today looking fashionable and making some super silly faces with her British fans. That’s got to be a really quality picture to have in your arsenal. Selena looked fabulous in skinny jeans, a white blazer and some funky heels as she made her way to BBC Radio 1.

Now, if you thought that Selena Gomez showed a whole new side of herself in Spring Breakers, get ready to see an even more sophisticated Selena in Rudderless

The new flick, which saw her spending a lot of time with William H. Macy, tells the story of mass murderers from the parents perspective. As Selena’s Rudderless co-star, Jamie Chung, told E! News about the star, “The thing is, she’s so talented, you’re really going to see a different side. It’s going to be a bit more fragile. I think it’s a side you’ve never seen of her. It’s quite fantastic. It’s dark. But she’s always so lovely.”

Nothing quite like a Disney star doing movies about murder. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Selena getting silly in London. Excited about her upcoming movie? Sound off in the comments!