Selena Gomez Goes Green, Hangs Tightly Onto Her Stepdad

Selena's Cute Covers
Some of Selena Gomez's cutest magazine covers!
UPDATE: Folks, this is actually Selena’s stepdad. They are adorable. Thanks for letting me know, SOCIALITE LIFE readers. Y’all are gems!

Well it looks like Selena Gomez is quite happy with her bodyguard.

The musical superstar was spotted arriving back in Los Angeles earlier today after a brief visit abroad in Germany. While the last guy we saw her hanging onto was Justin Bieber, Selena has clearly moved on from the bucket pisser.

Actually, she probably just needed someone to hold on to! It’s a difficult time after a break-up, you know.  

Whatever is going on, it’s just nice to see Selena happy.  Also, I’m not sure if a neon green is the best color for staying incognito at the airport. Just a thought.

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