Selena Gomez Gets Sexy For ‘Letterman’, Continues To Wear A Bindi

Selena & Vanessa Get Silly
The duo had fun on 'El Hormiguero'
It seems like Selena Gomez was just on Letterman talking about how she made Justin Bieber cry.

Looks like she’s back again, and this time she’s looking rather sexy with her daring footwear. The starlet sported a pair of peep-toe, knee high, gladiator sandals. Wow, that is quite a lot in one piece of footwear. Luckily she is owning it.

Selena made headlines earlier this week when rumors started swirling that she an Justin were back together, but that her friends were not pleased with it in the slightest. Also! You’ll never guess where Selena had dinner prior to her Letterman appearance. 

Hooters. Sometimes the Daily Mail is so on top of their eateries. I hope she got the Hooters wings, cause those are delicious. Also, Selena really needs to stop wearing that bindi. The Hindi community is not pleased with it at all, and she seems dangerously close to losing a bunch of fans.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from Selena’s Letterman visit. She also performed “Come & Get It,” which we still think is about Bieber. Check out the lyrics at Directlyrics and tell us what you think. Also, thoughts on her outfit? Think she should stop wearing the bindi? Sound off in the comments!