Selena Gomez Gets In A Fight With Justin Bieber, Paparazzo Fills Her Gas Tank [PHOTOS]

Justin and Selena
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez get frisky.
Oh Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber–the relationship that just can’t end.

Last week it was reported that the superstar duo had called it quits after nearly two years. That’s what we thought, which was all fine and dandy. But it seems like the two are trying to make it work and it is not going well. According to reports the duo got into a huge fight at dinner last night, causing both to leave upset after only 10 minutes.

Selena drove to her house, with Justin following close behind. When she wouldn’t let him in, he started yelling her name, yelling at the paparazzi and made quite a scene before she came out and told him to leave. Scandalous! Don’t worry guys, you shouldn’t feel too bad for Selena. She didn’t have to pay for gas today!

Remember a few months ago when a paparazzo was charged with chasing Justin on the freeway? Well, since that case has been dropped, I guess he wanted to show his fondness for 1/2 of the couple. As Selena made her way to a gas station in Hollywood today that same paparazzo pumped her gas and paid for it. Sources say she tried to pay him back, but he refused.

Come on, that’s gotta be a sweet way to spend your Saturday morning. Even if it is following an incredibly public fight with your sort of ex. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Mr. Paparazzo pumping gas. What do you guys think of Justin and Selena’s fight? Think they’ll make it work? Want them to break up for reals? Let us know in the comments!