Selena Gomez Forgot Her Pants In London, But Had Fun With Niall Horan

Selena's Cute Covers
Some of Selena Gomez's cutest magazine covers!
Actually, maybe Selena Gomez is wearing hot pants, but it just looks a little too much like she’s pant-less.

The singer was spotted in London partying into the wee hours of Tuesday morning with an unidentified female friend. I love when the paparazzi refer to folks as either “mystery” or “unidentified” friend.

Selena seems to be doing well post rehab and post-Justin Bieber might have given her an STD. Luckily she’s got a new man in her life right now. 

And that is One Direction cutie, Niall Horan. I’m not saying that anything is going on with Selena and Niall, I’m just saying that they were out partying together when they took a picture with a fan.

I appreciate that this fan put a cat face. Also, why does Niall look like a cardboard cut out? It’s OK. This photo still amuses me.

Launch the gallery to check out all the pics of pant-less Selena in London.Honestly, it is a pretty cute outfit. She’s lucky that all those slurpees she drinks don’t go straight to her hips. Some people have all the luck.