Selena Gomez Enjoys Some Fast Food, Is Not Looking To Get Back With Justin Bieber

Selena & Her Fans
Gomez Makes Sure To Show Some Love To Her Biggest Fans
Do you know why I love Selena Gomez? Because that girl eats almost as much fast food as I do.

The starlet was spotted in Los Angeles today, heading to her local In-N-Out burger joint after visiting her parents at their office. Why her parents have an office, I do not know, but it does give her an excuse to go to In-N-Out. And as we all know, it is the greatest of places.

So, remember when Justin Bieber posted about Selena on Instagram

I said it was creepy and slightly stalkerish. Guess who else didn’t like it? Selena! According to TMZ’s sources, Selena “scoffed at Biebs’ Instagram photo of her” and even “laughed out loud when she saw it, saying it was stupid and childish.” Yup.

So maybe that Justin Bieber rehab actually worked. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Selena from earlier today. Hey Selena, I’ll meet you at In-N-Out tomorrow?