Selena Gomez Enjoys Disneyland With Singer Austin Mahone!

Jaden & Selena
Did you know that Jaden Smith & Selena Gomez are friends?
Selena Gomez is single and ready to mingle!

Yesterday, Selena joined Austin Mahone, the 17-year-old pop singer from Texas, who achieved viral status on YouTube, for an outing to Disneyland.

Read in to this what you will, but the pair were joined by a rather large entourage at the Disneyland park and reportedly met up with X Factor group Emblem3

Selena, Austin and company had a fun time as they went on rides, ate ice cream and even watched the firework show before they reportedly left the park around midnight.

Austin Tweeted about his outing…



So I guess we can all assume that Austin had fun. Hopefully, he’ll post a pic or two from his next outing.

Check out all the pics from Selena and Austin’s night out by launching the gallery!

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