Selena Gomez Channels Axl Rose

Selena Gomez At LAX
The singer got the giggles amidst a huge crowd.
Not one to shy away from a fashion adventure, Selena Gomez looked more like she was out shopping in Paradise City, rather than Studio City, where she popped into the boutiques, Urban Outfitters and Free People, to stock up on trendy summer gear.

I suspect she might be a bit too old to remember a certain lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, because I can’t imagine she would purposely be trying to emulate the style of one Mr. Axl Rose.

With her wild hair, headband, round sunglasses and shiny, stretchy leggings, Selena is certainly giving all the hipsters in town a run for their money.

When the star of Spring Breakers finished her shopping spree, she had armfuls of bags almost as big as she. So, don’t fret, my pets, she is well-stocked with leggings and headbands in preparation for any kind of fashion emergency.