Seemingly, Vitamins Aren’t The Cure-All

Shocking isn’t it. Scientology Kills is not an attractive slogan.

The highest profile celeb in Scientology is Tom Cruise. And the star and his church routinely recommend that everyone should refuse and/or abstain from any drugs prescribed by psychiatrists. And also reject any suggested care or counseling offered by mental health professionals.

This belief apparently led to tragedy when a Scientologist’s 28-year-old son stabbed his mother to death. The young man Jeremy Perkins is deeply disturbed and now is being held within the Rochester Psychiatric Center. He was found not responsible for the murder of his mother due to mental defect.

Perkins was the schizophrenic son of Elli Perkins a senior auditor (counselor) at the Buffalo Scientology branch in New York.

Consistent with his mother’s beliefs Jeremy Perkins never received treatment from mental health professionals, but instead was cared for according to Scientology’s guidelines and practices. He received vitamins.

I just don’t see how Scientology can’t see that their stance on medication and mental health care is misguided. Most likely Elli Perkins would be alive today if she had her son properly medicated. The real question is, was there a cover up regarding the Elli, Jeremy and Scientology, by the Scientologists?

If you’re thinking of joining the fun-loving Scientology clan, why not read the release you have to sign, prior to making that decision.

Protest against Scientology and Tom Cruise run in local newspapers [Cult News]