Seeing Double: Joan Jett & Kristen Stewart Hang In L.A.

June 16th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Flaunting her new rock star locks, Kristen Stewart has been meeting up with Joan Jett to research her role portraying the rock and roller in the upcoming film The Runaways.

The two spent time at the Coast Anabelle Hotel, where they met up in Burbank and were also spotted leaving a vocal class in Los Angeles, as well as a recording studio. These two are getting to be thick as thieves.

They should get matching airbrushed sweatshirts. Only because that would make me supremely happy.

Gallery Info: Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart meeting up to talk music and their upcoming film The Runaways (UPDATED GALLERY: 26 new photos of Kristen Stewart and Joan Jett in the gallery, beginning on page 3).

By Lisa Timmons

  1. LOBO

    wow love them!

  2. casey

    This is AWESOMENESS all wrapped up in a BADASSNESS !! I bet Joan has some stories to tell. Kristen is a lucky girl to be able hang with Joan and she’s a great choice. We couldn’t have a goody two shoes playing the queen of rock and roll !! She’s rocking the mullet !!

  3. Robsten


  4. shardy


    i love Joan Jett – but this is just so WRONG

    Kate Moenig should have
    been cast to play Joan Jett

    NOT this Twilighted Twat

    guess we can look forward to
    seeing Hannah Montana as Lita Ford


  5. samantha

    good for them
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  6. MaviCk

    Joann is a hot damn leasbian, just like me, I like her, she is HOT! love her music and style! she rocks!

  7. Fiona

    Twilight wasn’t a great movie overall. Don’t let that movie affect your opinion of Kristen. I have seen her other movies and she rocks. She’s also a really good singer. She will rock this movie!!!


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