‘Secret Princes’ Star Lord Robert Walters Talks Bromance With William And Harry And Shows Off His Six Pack [VIDEO]

September 28th, 2012 // 14 Comments

This little royalist was simply smitten with Lord Robert Walters, who stars in TLC’s Secret Princes (Fridays @ 10pm).  The docuseries is a reality version of Coming To America, and follows the romantic trials and tribulations of four titled young men searching for love in America.

What the American girls don’t know is that these fellas have a lot more going for them than meets the eye.  Lord Walters (who insisted I call him Rob.  And no, I didn’t curtsy) was as dashing and handsome as he is on camera, and it took some willpower not to suggest we run off to a manor, etc.

Though someone in his position would be expected to go into the family business of property and land ownership, Rob decided to attend drama school and become a model.  If you notice the photos in our gallery, Rob’s doing OK for himself. 

I know I was supposed to ask him about love and finding the right woman to be his lady, but I couldn’t resist asking about Mother England and her historic glory.  For instance, Rob descends from Henry VIII, who once held the same title before ascending the throne.

And yes, we did have a chat about Princes William and Harry, who Rob insists are normal, easy-going guys.

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.  Oooh, and click here for an exclusive clip of TLC’s Secret Princes from our friends over at Celebuzz.

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By Kelly Lynch

  1. Marlene

    This Rob dude is not Lord Robert. He is not the younger son of a duke or marquess. He apparently inherited a Lordship of a Manor, a feudal “title” of property. It is not a peerage or give him the right to call himself Lord Rob. Moreover, he is not a descendant of Henry VIII. Henry had four children, three legitimate (Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I) and his natural son, Henry, by Bessle Blount. None of his children had children of their own. Henry did not He was Duke of York, and after the death of his brother, Arthur, he succeeded as Duke of Cornwall and was named Prince of Wales. Walters is a commoner. He is not royalty. He is not a member of the nobility. http://royalmusingsblogspotcom.blogspot.com/2012/09/secret-princes-spare-me.html

    • Thanks Marlene. Rob made it quite clear to me that he was not a member of the nobility nor was he a member of the British peerage. He has no royal ties, only a title and will inherit whatever his father passes on to him.

      I do appreciate you keeping me on my toes, though.

    • Marlene


      He does not have a TITLE … He allegedly inherited a lordship of a manor from an uncle, which is considered property even if the property no longer exists. He cannot be called Lord Robert or LOrd Walters … period.

  2. Paul Waters

    Can someone please explain to me how this yahoo is descended from Henry VIII, when Henry only had 3 legitimate children. Bloody Mary, who died childless, thus leaving the throne to her half sister Elizabeth I, who was known as “The Virgin Queen” for a reason, and young Edward, who died at the age of 15. If Henry VIII had any other offspring, then James I would not have begun the reign of the House of Stuart. And if this guy is the descendant of a bastard child of Henry’s, then he cannot be a “prince”. This is just more “reality show” garbage intended to amuse the gullible and uninformed. This putz is no more a prince than I am.

    • Abby Reyes

      They aren’t all claiming to be “princes” – it’s just the title of the show, catchier than “Secret Royalty” considering the fairy-tale like premise of the show. The show is no less interesting to its target audience with the knowledge that they’re not all “princes”.

      It’s also amusing how offended you are about something that does not concern you in any way.

    • Paul Waters

      First off, I’m not offended. Second, whether he’s claiming to be a “prince” or not, he’s still lying about being a “direct descendant” of Henry VIII. Since, as I’ve explained, he HAS no descendants. If he did, the whole of English history would be different from Henry’s death onward. Still, if you enjoy fictional “reality” shows, where the network passes off lies as truth, because it’s “catchier” for a gullible audience, then may I suggest the one with the fake Amish people, who not only allow themselves to be followed around by a camera crew, but also get tattooed. It’s people like you who readily accept these fictions as true that have resulted in the proliferation of this garbage. If you want a reality show that’s actually true, watch the news.

    • Tina Tina

      It’s funny that you think the news is actual reality!

  3. Mary Woodall-Smythe

    Dear Kelly, regarding Royal Musings and Secret Princes and the remarks made by Marlene on your blog. I have posted comments on her blog regarding my employment by Robert’s family. Robert, by the way, does happen to be Lord of the Manor of Fulwood, and such is the I respect I have for his family that I would be prepared to testIfy on oath, in a court of law should the family conisder the librarians comments to be libellous.

    She has already accused me of falsifying my name and insulting me by calling me a domestic. She is obviously very ignorant and does not realise that there is more to work than just cleaning toilets. I am actually a PA with a degree and I travel the world with the family when required. This lady should be advised that she does not know her facts and that perhaps she has never been out of Iowa or some such place and this has obviously resulted in a very lonely and clearly frustrated bookworm.

    • Mary, maybe you could take the time to show us the peerage on all the cast members. The two “Lords” from the UK are not listed anywhere in UK records. The Prince from India’s “castle” is a hotel, and not a very good one. The Prince from Spain is the only one that has any pedigree or peerage. However he won’t inherit, since he is not the oldest. So far I have to agree with Marlene. One can buy a title when buying a estate in the UK. However the title is worth nothing.

  4. Kelly, I thought the Secret Princes and your interview was very, very interesting and why this lady Marlene, who apparently works for a library, sits there complaining about these type of shows. If they are so abhorrent to her, why would she be sitting there watching them so avidly? After all, there is always another channel to watch or the “Off” button! Perhaps she is fulfilling her fantasies in her otherwise lost and lonely life. This show is a real “pick me up” and maybe Marlene should take her depressive attitude elsewhere.

  5. Jason

    I think Marlene is right to raise these questions. What happened to honesty? When all the guys met for the first time, why didn’t each just be honest.

    Ludovic IS nobility but his older brother will inherit all titles and property.

    The Spanish guy is the youngest child and his older sister will inherit the title of Duke (or Duchess) of Seville in Spain. He will not inherit that title from his father nor the property that comes with it.

    Robert Walters is commoner. He is not nobility and is not listed in any peerage rosters.

    And I don’t even need to comment on India’s plentiful prince and princes. They have absolutely no authority. They merely hire (or enslave) the poorest of the poor as servants just to be able to say they have servants.


  6. Alex

    The funniest thing is that no one knows who is he is…especially in England! So hearang him say that it’s hard to get a date because everyone does know him is hysterical! No one knows him or his family and no one cares he’s out to be celebrity and I think he’s playing a character that’s it – but truthfully what’s the difference between him and Kardashian? Between you and me though, he’s a real pompous twit – he’d be laughed out of London if people saw this show!

  7. Paula

    The real issue here is not whether these men are true Princes, but what kind of men are they. Will they make honorable partners, be kind and loving fathers. It’s possible they have had trouble finding women of substance in their world. Yes, I’m aware this is also an avenue for attention, but they are NOT meeting these women under the premise they are nobility, but superficially something far lower on the social register. I myself have wondered how far I would go to find love and lasting partnership with someone of substance.

  8. Teenah

    Ok in regards to Robert Walters. If you had done your homework and had gone to his website he NEVER says he is a descendent of Henry the VIII nor does he say he inherited the title.

    “Robert Jonathan Walters, aka Lord Rob, was born in 1982 in London, England. His prestigious Lordship title, held for many generations from as far back as the reign of King Henry VIII, was bestowed upon him.”

    Also he is a magazine model so I’m sure many people know of him. I find it amusing that everyone is fussing about all of this and arguing semantics. To the person who said the Spanish Duke will never inherit the throne so he should’nt call himself a duke or prince or what ever. News flash Prince Harry will NEVER see the throne because Prince William will get it first but that doesn’t mean Harry isn’t a Prince.

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