Sebastian Stan Is Bucky Barnes In ‘Captain America’

While Chris Evans nabbed the title role for Captain America, Sebastian Stan has been announced as the heroes sidekick Bucky Barnes.

Okay, can someone fill me in here? Do people really want to watch a red, white and blue super hero and a character named Bucky Barnes? It’s really hard for me to take this seriously as a bad ass action movie but I don’t know the comic. Someone probably thought that same thing about the tights-wearing Batman and “Holy Superlative” Robin.

This is what Rueters said about Bucky Barnes:

In comic book lore, Barnes, a teenage orphan, was too young to join the army but became one camp’s mascot. When he discovered Captain America’s identity, he joined the hero as a partner in his Nazi-fighting escapades.

Okay, that’s pretty cool. I would love to see the Gossip Girl star kick Michelle McGee and Jesse James’ ass.

Leighton Meester’s man has been chugging his film career along with a recent role in Hot Tub Time Machine a The Apparition which he is currently filming with Ashley Greene. Here are the two cuddling on cue for the cameras.

Fun fact of the day: a 1990’s version of Captain America is available on Hulu.