Season Ten ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Cast Revealed

The cast for Dancing With The Reality Stars  was revealed last night and while some contestants had been long discussed in the rumor mill others are interesting surprises.

There were talk about Pamela Anderson joining the show since way back and I’m waiting for DWTS first nightly nip slip series.

Radar Online was right about Kate Gosselin taking on the competition and the rumor-come-true for Evan Lysacek must be why he is skipping The World competition and also what the hell he had to talk to Pamela Anderson about that night.

I don’t care what anyone thinks, I’m stoked that Shannen Doherty is on the show that loves Beverly Hills alums. It seems unfair that singer and dancer Nicole Scherzinger is up against football player Chad Ochocinco, but that’s pretty much how it goes on the show. And since there’s also the popularity voting factor I’m putting faith that the 80 year old Buzz Aldrin will stick around longer than a Pussycat. He was on the moon for christ sakes, people!

Jake Pavelka is also got the call to dance after his engagement last night and he will be joined by Clean House host Niecy Nash, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews who most of us probably only know from that naked hotel room video, and Aiden Turner form All My Children who would probably get the most out of this show. 

It’s time to play guess the winner based on the cast reveal! Leave your psychic predictions in the comments along with any WTF thoughts on the casting.