Sean Young Still Berserk After All These Years

None of the current day lunatic sluts can hold a candle to Sean Young in the craziness department. Some of you might be saying “who’s this?” Sean Young was a once promising actress in the 1980’s who starred in some pretty big films, like “No Way Out”, “Dune”, and “Blade Runner”. Then she went absolutely batshit crazy, and started stalking James Woods and started losing film roles in “Dick Tracy” and the first “Batman” flick. The apex of her nutty was when she showed up to director Tim Burton’s office in a homemade Catwoman costume, lobbying for the role in “Batman Returns”. Oh Sean. Anyway, she’s since been sorta working in B-movies and TV. At the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards on Sunday, she reportedly showed the crowd that her crazy hasn’t dulled.

Sean reportedly got TRASHED, and was yelling at the announcers and attendees on stage. She yelled in French to French actress Marian Cotillard, and was witnessed booing and telling “The Diving Bell And The Butterfly” Julian Schnabel directer to “get on with it”. She ruined his big moment, and he told her to “have another drink, honey”. How did he not yell “shut up, crazy bitch!”? Anyway, Sean put on a big white fur coat and tried to punch security as she was physically removed from the premises. Why was this not filmed and televised? This is the stuff America wants…no NEEDS to see! We salute you, Sean!

UPDATE: According to The Insider, Sean Young has checked her nutty self into a rehab for alcohol abuse. That was fast. Well, when you’re getting tossed out of awards shows and trying to punch security…

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